How to add a recipe

  1. Add ingredients

    Every ingredient has a name, unit, quantity and a price. The supported units in MealSave are as follows:

    • liter
    • teaspoon
    • tablespoon
    • ounce
    • cup
    • pint
    • quart
    • gallon
    • pound
    • gram
    • number: unitless, used when the item is counted as individual objects
    When purchasing an ingredient from the store note the unit and quantity you bought along with the price. This allows the app to later calculate the price of your recipes from the prices and quantities of the raw ingredients.

  2. Add recipe

    First you choose the name, serving count and optionally a URL to the recipe. Afterwards you add ingredients that you added in the first step. You may choose to use a different unit than what was used before, this is ok as MealSave will internally convert between units to give the final price. All units are the same except for:

    • percentage: refer to some percentage of the store-bought ingredient
    After adding a thumbnail your recipe will be complete. Go to the homepage to see the price MealSave has calculated for a single serving.


The Backup feature creates a file containing recipe metadata and all the ingredients used within it. Loading backups creates an identical recipe but it does not merge with existing ingredients, it will create copies. Backup all recipes creates a backup containing every recipe you have added, you can load this backup through the same button used to load individual backups. These backups are portable between devices and can be loaded on other versions of the app.